I heard a quote today that struck me. It was that we are extraordinary beings living an ordinary life. I was listening to a podcast by Peter Crone, and when he said that, it really got me to thinking. We are extraordinary beings, but how many of us really believe that? And if we really did believe that, what would we do differently?

I grew up thinking I was pretty ordinary. In fact, I grew up thinking that I was less than ordinary when it came to having a voice. I believed I was so average, and that I didn’t have anything of value to add to most conversations or relationships, so I took a backseat to almost everyone. I would sit and listen and nod, and smile, and be the polite, kind “friend.” But, I would keep my mouth closed, and be afraid to add too much for fear of what others would think or say. Would they feel I didn’t know what I was talking about? Would they think what I was saying was boring or dumb or irrelevant? And on and on my thoughts would lead to my fear taking over.

I started on this personal journey, and found so much more than I expected. I found that I am extraordinary, that I do have value and something to add. I found that many of the people I was hanging around liked me to be this person I was portraying, and the minute I began to want something more, they were nowhere to be found. I have had to choose between some relationships and going after my dreams. However, I have found myself, and I love this journey, and I am finding my voice! I am learning to speak up, and I do have a lot to say.

I am speaking and sharing on my journey and what I have learned. I am sharing information on being healthy. I am sharing what I know about whole body wellness, and how everything starts with our thoughts. And I love having a voice and speaking up! So, I am learning how to be extraordinary, and what that looks like for me. What does that look like for you??


Change can be a little scary, right? Like, we don’t often know what the change will bring, and so we fear the worst. Or, at least don’t expect the best outcome, and so we we fear change.

I used to hate change! I would do everything in my power to keep things from changing. If I could have controlled the sun, and how the Earth rotated around it, I would have done that. I felt that as long as I controlled things, it would be okay, or at least I might be able to semi-predict what was going to happen. So, I did things the same exact way every morning, I planned out my days, my life, my future. I did not react well to surprises, even if they were good surprises. I thought that I just needed to monitor my life and keep it all in order, and then it would be calm and uneventful and not scary.

The problem is, I cannot control life. In fact, I can’t even control what I do, so how the hell am I going to control everything around me?? And the more I tried to, the more frustrating it became. Then I met my husband, and he was full of surprises. And then, we had children, and forget controlling anything then!

What I realized is that, life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, not controlled. When I gave in to the fact that life is full of changes and surprises, it was a lot more peaceful. I don’t have to know what is coming next, or what is going to happen. And when I surrender to that, I am free to live in the moment. This is so liberating and freeing! I don’t have to live in stress anymore, but I can be free to live and love and create like I was meant to do.

So, that is what I am doing. Tomorrow starts a new chapter in my life. I am making changes that will move the trajectory of my life in a new direction, and I am so excited to see where it goes. I am embracing this change with open arms, and thrilled to see my passion grow and affect others. I am excited about not knowing what could happen because I am looking at the endless possibilities in front of me. I am embracing me, and the greatness that I am put here to be. I am looking at my future in front of me, and ready to quit talking and planning, and just do it. Isn’t it time that you made a change?


Do you ever look around you and feel supported and encouraged in your dreams? Do you feel like the people around you are building you up and strengthening your hope and energy? If not, why not?

I am reminded again today how important it is to surround myself with energy and ideas and relationships that enhance my personal growth and where I am headed in life. I used to have relationships that drained me, that were more one sided, that were not mutually beneficial. I kept giving, and looking for approval from them, and feeling like I never quite got it, feeling like there was always some criticism from them or a little judgement. Or, that I couldn’t be myself and show how I really felt, or I wouldn’t be accepted by them.

What I have realized is that every relationship was a reflection of myself. You see, I was so judgmental of myself, I was so critical, and I never felt good enough. So, I was fine with having “friends” who were that way. I subconsciously attracted people like that, and then felt badly that I never was accepted and supported by them. What had to change was me! I began to accept myself, love myself the way I was, quit being so critical. And by default, the people in my life who were not supportive fell by the wayside.

At first, it was a little difficult to let them go. I thought I needed them, I thought they were there for me. However, when I found others who lifted me up, and gave back, and wanted me to be successful and happy no matter what, I realized what true friendship is about. I realized how to have a relationship where both parties benefit, where 2 flames can make an even bigger flame, and where love and acceptance are the norm, not the rarity.

So, if you don’t have those kind of relationships right now, then take a look in your heart. See what is reflecting back that is not benefiting you, and make some changes. And then keep your eyes open for people around you who support your dreams, and accept you for you. It is amazing what will happen!

Constructive Interference

Have you heard of constructive interference? It is used to describe a ripple effect or energy fields that collide. You see, when 2 rocks are thrown into a pond at the same time, when the two ripple fields collide, they create an even greater ripple in the waves which increases the effect. But, if one of the rocks were thrown into the pond before the second rock, the second ripple field will cancel out the 1st ripple field, making it neutral.

This got me to thinking. . . Our friendships and relationships can act like positive interference or negative interference. When we have people around us who uplift us and encourage our dreams, and help us get to our goals, they act as constructive interference, and cause our waves and ripples to be even greater! We can be stronger and more effective in our message if we surround ourselves with positive and like-minded people.

On the other hand, if we keep people around who don’t support our dreams, or who are negative, or who we feel like we have to shrink around, they can cancel out our waves and ripples, and if we are not careful, we can let them hold us back from our dreams.

The same is true for our health goals, financial goals or any other area in our life. I am on a path to my dreams, and I am surrounding myself with people who can support me in that. Those who don’t are not bad people, I just don’t have the energy to spend with them right now. Do you have people around you that support you? I would love to support you in any way I can!

A Winding Road

Have you ever driven on a winding road that snakes back and forth, sometimes with hairpin curves and turns where you can’t see what is around the bend? Those of you in South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, or anywhere near those states know what I am talking about. Those backwoods roads where you never know what you are going to come up on. They are curvy and usually 2 lanes, with deer in the woods and other creatures that may pop onto the road at any time.

That is exactly what getting to your dreams can look like. A long winding road that seems to go on forever, where you never know what is going to pop up, and where there are a bunch of obstacles that you never imagined. And just when you think you are almost there, you blow a tire, or hit a pothole, and you are delayed a little bit more.

However, if you don’t keep going down that road, you will never know the amazing things that wait for you! The incredible life that is yours for the taking, the amazing joy and the wonderful abundance for you. It is not always easy, but it is so worth it!

Your health journey can be exactly the same. It can be a long winding road, it can be filled with roadblocks and potholes, and many unexpected things that you come up on; but if you keep going, if you breakthrough, it will be worth it. Anything in life worth having does not come easily. Just remember, you are worth it! You deserve to be healthy and have your dreams! Just keep going!

You are great!

Did you know that? Has anyone told you that lately?? Have you told yourself that lately? If not, why not? I feel like someone needs to hear this today.

There is nothing wrong with you, you are not broken, and you don’t need to be fixed. If there are thought patterns or habits that are not serving you right now, then change them. But don’t sit there and think that you are messed up, and please don’t think you are not amazing. You are incredible, you are awesome, you are great, and you don’t need anything or anyone else in this world to confirm that or to agree.

I am enough! Repeat that to yourself until you start to believe it. And then repeat it again and share with others. I.Am. Enough.Period!


I am reminded today how much words can hold meaning. I say things sometimes that I don’t think about, and sometimes they can cause pain to those I love. That is not my intention of course, but then I can feel like I have to explain what I meant and defend myself. And then the old programs kick in, and I start to feel like I am not good enough and not wanted, and it goes down in this ugly spiral of hateful things that are lobbed back and forth like a tennis ball.

Not that this has ever happened to you and your significant other, but every once in a while, it happens to us and we will go at it. Why do we do that, you ask? Well, I feel like I am not being heard and not being understood, he feels like his feelings don’t matter to me, so we keep adding more words to “help the situation.” However, this seldom does help, and often makes things worse. Until, we come to a point where we both feel useless and like a failure in the relationship, and are emotionally hurt.

You see, I have everything I need in me to succeed, but I am not perfect in the sense that I don’t always remember that my husband does have my best interest at heart, and I don’t always remember to not take things that others say so sensitively. Which means, sometimes I get my feelings hurt, and sometimes I lash out, and sometimes I can hurt the ones I love. And hopefully, they know that I still love them, and I am a wonderful work in progress. And hopefully, I can remember that about them, too.