Breaking through

I am finding out so much about myself on this difficult journey to fight on the front lines of the health crisis, and I look forward to seeing where this journey takes me!

I have been one to generally shy away from difficulty. I have not had the patience to stick with something that I did not like or get right away. I have always avoided conflict, I have never liked anything hard or uncomfortable in my life, and I have always been one to walk away from certain strong personalities with whom I did not necessarily agree. I have been one to doubt myself a lot, and never gave myself enough credit.

However! After taking this humongous leap of faith and jumping off of the cliff, I am finding that I have this incredible inner strength that I didn’t know I had. I am finding that the risk is worth the reward, that the challenge is worth the benefits, and the struggle is worth the growth.

Maybe, my whole life has been pointing toward this moment of truth. Maybe, I just needed a cause bigger than myself to step out for. Maybe, I just needed to push myself. Maybe, just maybe, I needed to take this course to step into the person I am becoming, the person I was always meant to be. And maybe, when this is all over, I won’t even recognize myself. And maybe, I will be so much stronger and so much greater that I can have an influence on thousands and be a force that even I don’t recognize.

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