I heard a quote today that struck me. It was that we are extraordinary beings living an ordinary life. I was listening to a podcast by Peter Crone, and when he said that, it really got me to thinking. We are extraordinary beings, but how many of us really believe that? And if we really did believe that, what would we do differently?

I grew up thinking I was pretty ordinary. In fact, I grew up thinking that I was less than ordinary when it came to having a voice. I believed I was so average, and that I didn’t have anything of value to add to most conversations or relationships, so I took a backseat to almost everyone. I would sit and listen and nod, and smile, and be the polite, kind “friend.” But, I would keep my mouth closed, and be afraid to add too much for fear of what others would think or say. Would they feel I didn’t know what I was talking about? Would they think what I was saying was boring or dumb or irrelevant? And on and on my thoughts would lead to my fear taking over.

I started on this personal journey, and found so much more than I expected. I found that I am extraordinary, that I do have value and something to add. I found that many of the people I was hanging around liked me to be this person I was portraying, and the minute I began to want something more, they were nowhere to be found. I have had to choose between some relationships and going after my dreams. However, I have found myself, and I love this journey, and I am finding my voice! I am learning to speak up, and I do have a lot to say.

I am speaking and sharing on my journey and what I have learned. I am sharing information on being healthy. I am sharing what I know about whole body wellness, and how everything starts with our thoughts. And I love having a voice and speaking up! So, I am learning how to be extraordinary, and what that looks like for me. What does that look like for you??

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