Do you ever look around you and feel supported and encouraged in your dreams? Do you feel like the people around you are building you up and strengthening your hope and energy? If not, why not?

I am reminded again today how important it is to surround myself with energy and ideas and relationships that enhance my personal growth and where I am headed in life. I used to have relationships that drained me, that were more one sided, that were not mutually beneficial. I kept giving, and looking for approval from them, and feeling like I never quite got it, feeling like there was always some criticism from them or a little judgement. Or, that I couldn’t be myself and show how I really felt, or I wouldn’t be accepted by them.

What I have realized is that every relationship was a reflection of myself. You see, I was so judgmental of myself, I was so critical, and I never felt good enough. So, I was fine with having “friends” who were that way. I subconsciously attracted people like that, and then felt badly that I never was accepted and supported by them. What had to change was me! I began to accept myself, love myself the way I was, quit being so critical. And by default, the people in my life who were not supportive fell by the wayside.

At first, it was a little difficult to let them go. I thought I needed them, I thought they were there for me. However, when I found others who lifted me up, and gave back, and wanted me to be successful and happy no matter what, I realized what true friendship is about. I realized how to have a relationship where both parties benefit, where 2 flames can make an even bigger flame, and where love and acceptance are the norm, not the rarity.

So, if you don’t have those kind of relationships right now, then take a look in your heart. See what is reflecting back that is not benefiting you, and make some changes. And then keep your eyes open for people around you who support your dreams, and accept you for you. It is amazing what will happen!

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