Programs are little things that can cause a lot of heartache and havoc. They are pesky things that are hard to get rid of, and just when you think you have it under control, they rear their ugly head, and leave you reeling in shame.

What are programs, you ask? They are beliefs that we pick up as kids, and unknowingly take with us into adulthood. Maybe we were told we were lazy as a young person, or maybe we were told that we were not good at math. Or maybe we didn’t feel loved, or we felt we had to earn our parents’ love, so we take these beliefs into our adulthood. And then, what we do now as adults are based on those false beliefs.

For me, a big program I had is that I am not enough. I took this belief with me as I grew up, and so everything I did was done with that premise. I tried to please people, not rock the boat, and be the perfect person so that I could be enough. But nothing I did worked.

When I started on this personal growth journey, I realized that I have the power to change my thinking, and therefore change my beliefs. I can now believe I am enough, and that I don’t need to earn anyone else’s acceptance.

So today, I was faced with a situation, and I again felt like I wasn’t enough. But, I can now see that this is a false belief and recognize it when it comes. This journey of self growth is just that, a journey; and there are times when I feel like I can conquer the world, and then there are times when I am terrified of the future. And no matter what, I know I will be okay.

It is tough to recognize beliefs that are not serving us today. It can be difficult to change our thinking and to believe that we are enough. But when we do, we can change our world. So what programs have been difficult for you?

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