Something happened today that I found interesting. It was interesting because it brought up some old mental programming that I thought I had gotten over. I had some people close to me teasing me about being healthy and eating clean foods, and working out. And I took it personally, and let it affect my mood. I found myself withdrawing and going back to my old programming that I wasn’t good enough, and that I wasn’t important. It was interesting because I knew they were just teasing me, but I was taking it to heart.

This was a good lesson for me to see my reaction to this teasing, to see there is a small part that still has a sensitivity to what others say, to see that I am still susceptible to my old ways of thinking. You see, I still care, I still am concerned about what others say. However, I recognized this and I realized that it is not my concern to please others. I am my own woman, and it is up to me to live my dreams. So, take this to heart, and look at your own life and see where you are maybe listening to others where it is not benefiting you, and maybe where you are letting others’ opinions hold you back. You do you!

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