Things I have learned

I have learned a few things this past year as I have gone on this personal growth journey, and I would like to share.

  1. How to take a compliment: I used to look for affirmation from others around me, and got incredibly good at looking like I had it all together. I knew how to do my hair, and what clothes looked good, and what to say to make people feel good about themselves, so I was well liked and admired. I would get compliments from people frequently, however, I never knew how to take them because I felt that I didn’t deserve them. As much as I looked for others’ approval, I didn’t accept it, and therefore, never knew how to just say, “Thank you” and accept what they were saying as true and valid. I have learned that I am enough and I am worthy, and so I have learned to take a compliment for what it is with gratitude and thankfulness.
  2. How to affirm myself: I have learned that I am enough! I am worthy, I am deserving, I am confident and capable, and I have everything I need inside me. I have learned that the thoughts I put in my head and the words I communicate are what will create my future. I have learned to speak and believe that I am an incredible goddess with unlimited potential, and to start living like that. I learned that it is time that I started showing up for myself, and that I am good enough for me, and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. I AM ENOUGH!!
  3. How to stop apologizing: I don’t have to live in the guilt, I don’t have to live in the ‘shoulds,’ and I don’t have to live by anyone else’s standards. I answer to my own conscience, and I am creating my amazing, better life. I am living in the moment, and putting out love and light, and there is nothing I need to be sorry for. I have learned to stop defending myself because it is just a way to justify myself, and it is unnecessary. I am enough all on my own, today, right now, in this moment!
  4. How to let go of the guilt: Living in guilt means living in some other moment than right now. I have learned to live in this moment, to be present, to live and love the moment I am in right now. ‘To be’ means to surrender to what is, to accept the uncertainty of life, and to give in to the unknown. And since doing this, I have had incredible freedom-freedom to enjoy the moment, freedom from expectations, freedom from guilt.
  5. How to persist: I have learned that nothing worth having comes easily. If I want anything to change, I will keep at it, and keep at it, and keep at it some more. I will fall, and get back up, I will continue to persist, and to rise again, and to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I will continue to fill my mind with my dreams and goals, and will not give up. I will not take No for an answer, I will not listen to the naysayers, and I will not let the opinions of others dictate my happiness. I will pursue my passion, and I will create the life I want.

I am creating my Better Life, and I am creating it now!!

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